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Eight Heads In A Duffle?

The central premise of Eight Heads In A Duffle is that, given global poverty and the concentration of wealth, not just in the 1% but in the 8 richest men who control half the world's wealth, it is neither necessary nor strategic to foment revolution.

There can be no doubt that capitalists are killing us. The natural, and perhaps logical, response would be to strike back. Except we've been down this road before. We know what revolution looks like. Who benefits. Who doesn't. What changes. What doesn't. And how difficult life is for survivors.

This space is about mitigating the danger of the social upheaval that is posed by the concentration of wealth. Specifically, the danger to vulnerable people. The wealthy and the powerful will protect themselves. Their success or failure is not a concern. Likewise, the continuity or failure of liberal institutions and other power structures are only relevant to the extent of their human effects.

It's understandable to feel powerless in the face of global economic and political trends. It's not possible to change them and a tremendous drain trying to influence them. Mitigation, preparedness, and community, however, provide constructive alternatives to hopelessness and powerlessness.

This is a space to explore those alternatives that improve both present circumstances and eventual preparedness for the natural and social consequences of capitalism, to build communities and share skills towards the end of liberation with an eye on mitigating harm.