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# SWAPS Overview

This series will describe, in general terms, how to build an ActivityPub server in the toolkit of your choice

## The parts

There are 4 parts to this series. Each part will consist of up to 13 weekly installments

- Part 1 - Building a datastore
- Part 2 - Simple federation 
- Part 3 - Basic security 
- Part 4 - Connect with existing services

## The tools

To complete the series, your tool chain needs to provide the following features:

httpd - an http daemon capable of GET and POST operations

http - an http client library

Data persistence - You'll need to be able to store and retrieve JSON, even after reboot

JSON parser - You'll need to process JSON in a way that's not convenient to do with a lexical parser. If you do write your own parser, keep in mind that brackets are hard to match with regular expressions

## The motivation

I'm sick of the [whining](blog/000002)[whining](https://ehiad.org/blog/000002) about the lack of docs 😂