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SWAPS Overview

This series will describe, in general terms, how to build an ActivityPub server in the toolkit of your choice

The parts

There are 4 parts to this series. Each part will consist of up to 13 weekly installments

  • Part 1 - Building a datastore
  • Part 2 - Simple federation
  • Part 3 - Basic security
  • Part 4 - Connect with existing services

The tools

To complete the series, your tool chain needs to provide the following features:

httpd - an http daemon capable of GET and POST operations

http - an http client library

Data persistence - You'll need to be able to store and retrieve JSON, even after reboot

JSON parser - You'll need to process JSON in a way that's not convenient to do with a lexical parser. If you do write your own parser, keep in mind that brackets are hard to match with regular expressions

The motivation

I'm sick of the whining about the lack of docs 😂